What to Expect from a Concierge Psychiatrist: A Guide to Personalized Mental Health Care

With so much going on in today’s fast-paced world, it's no wonder that more people are turning to concierge psychiatrists for personalized mental health care

What to Expect from a Concierge Psychiatrist: A Guide to Personalized Mental Health Care
Sheenie Ambardar, MD is a Beverly Hills-based Concierge Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, and Coach who sees patients throughout California and New York via telehealth. Dr. Ambardar specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of adult men and women with Depression, Anxiety, Adult ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, PMDD, Binge-Eating Disorder, and a host of other common mental health concerns.
Are you experiencing any of these conditions? Concierge psychiatry may be the solution you need. At The Happiness Psychiatrist®, we address the root causes of these issues—and many more—as well as give you the resources to build a fuller, happier life. 

In this piece, we explore the primary way we assist our patients in finding their happiness: concierge psychiatry. We’ll answer all your questions, including:

  • What is concierge psychiatry?
  • What is the personalized concierge psychiatry experience?
  • What is the concierge psychiatry process? 
  • What concierge services does The Happiness Psychiatrist® offer? 

Join us as we dive into all things concierge psychiatry here at The Happiness Psychiatrist®.

What is Concierge Psychiatry? 🪷

The term 'concierge' might evoke images of hotel lobbies and travel recommendations, but within the context of medicine, it represents a different idea. Concierge psychiatry (or boutique psychiatry) is a model of psychiatric care that focuses on delivering high-quality, personalized service to patients.

In this model, the patient may pay a membership or retainer fee, which in turn allows the psychiatrist to keep a smaller patient caseload. This can translate into more immediate and flexible scheduling, increased availability of the psychiatrist via phone or email, longer appointment times, and even the possibility of home visits.

The foundation of concierge psychiatry is the ability to cultivate a deep and personalized understanding of each patient.

A concierge psychiatrist may also offer a range of integrated services that go beyond traditional psychiatry, including psychotherapy, advanced functional lab testing, nutritional medicine, gene testing, and personal coaching.

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The Personalized Concierge Psychiatrist Experience 🪴

A concierge psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) who provides highly customized, one-on-one mental health care.  Regular psychiatry often struggles to maintain this level of intimacy due to larger patient volumes, but the concierge model allows us to overcome these barriers. Here's what that means for you:

  1. More time, if needed
  2. Better accessibility
  3. A more integrated, holistic approach

Concierge Psychiatry Provides More Time for Necessary Care ⏰

In traditional settings, psychiatrists may see dozens of patients a day, limiting their time with each individual. In the concierge model, however, patient appointments can be longer and more comprehensive. This gives us the opportunity to delve deeply into your concerns, to explore the nuances of your mental health, and to collaboratively develop a personalized treatment plan.

Additionally, having more time for necessary care allows for a deeper therapeutic relationship to blossom between psychiatrist and patient. Trust and rapport are foundational for effective mental health treatment and an extended duration for appointments can foster a sense of comfort and openness. 

Patients often feel more heard and understood in longer appointments, which can encourage them to share their thoughts, emotions, and concerns without feeling rushed. This collaborative relationship empowers patients to actively engage in treatment, make informed decisions about care, and work closely with their psychiatrist to set achievable goals. This extra time can not only enhance quality of care but also transform the treatment experience into a more meaningful and patient-centered journey.

Concierge Psychiatry Means Better Accessibility for Patients 🌻

The concierge treatment model offers patients a more direct and convenient approach to receiving mental health care, with no middleman. This model bridges the gap between the traditional constraints of insurance-based mental health services and the evolving needs of individuals seeking more personalized support.

Concierge psychiatrists are typically available outside of the usual 9-5 clinic hours. The ability to directly reach your psychiatrist via email, phone, or video means your concerns can be addressed promptly. This immediate access can reduce anxiety and promote a smoother path to recovery.

Another key aspect of better accessibility is reduced wait times. In many traditional mental health systems, patients may encounter long waiting lists (up to 1-3 months) to see a psychiatrist, often resulting in delayed care for those in urgent need. Concierge psychiatry addresses this issue by prioritizing its members and ensuring prompt access to psychiatric services. At The Happiness Psychiatrist®, we strive to schedule all new patients within 1-2 weeks.

The ability to schedule appointments at your convenience can ensure that you stick to your mental health care regimen. It can also facilitate timely intervention and support during critical moments of distress.

Concierge Psychiatry Involves an Integrated Approach to Treatment 🫶🏼

Concierge psychiatry combines traditional psychiatric services with a holistic and patient-centric ethos. It empowers you to achieve mental well-being by addressing not only the psychological challenges you may be facing, but also the broader context of your life, including physical health, lifestyle, and personal goals. At The Happiness Psychiatrist®, we also often incorporate complementary and alternative therapies alongside traditional psychiatric care. Recommendations can include: 

These services can be integrated into your treatment plan according to your comfort level in order to provide you with a diverse toolkit for managing your mental health. This personalized approach allows us to explore various strategies and to find what works best for you, contributing to a more effective therapeutic journey. 

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The Concierge Psychiatrist Process

At The Happiness Psychiatrist®, our concierge psychiatric services involve the following three steps: 

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Treatment Plan
  3. Follow-up Sessions

Concierge psychiatry is meant to offer a highly personalized and comprehensive approach to mental health care, ensuring individuals receive the utmost attention and support on their journey to emotional well-being. 

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Let’s take a closer look at each step: 

Concierge Psychiatry, Step I: Initial Assessment ☀️

We start with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which typically lasts about 75 minutes. This evaluation is an opportunity to discuss your mental health history, symptoms, and current concerns. We also explore:

  1. Your personal and family mental health history
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Current stressors
  4. Coping mechanisms

This initial assessment ensures treatment is tailored to your exact mental health concerns and needs, and allows us to begin to identify:

  • The underlying causes of your current issues
  • Triggers that you may be experiencing
  • Social factors that may be contributing to your mental health

This depth of insight is essential for crafting a truly tailored treatment plan that addresses not only immediate concerns but also the root causes of your mental health challenges.

Concierge Psychiatry, Step II: Treatment Plan 💥

Creating a treatment plan is a collaborative process that evolves over our first several appointments and is updated and discussed during each session. This step often involves a multifaceted approach that combines various therapeutic modalities.

The beauty of this approach lies in its flexibility; the plan can be adapted and refined as you progress and your needs evolve. Furthermore, the plan takes into account not only immediate mental health concerns but also the broader context of your life, considering factors such as physical health, relationships, and personal goals. 

By tailoring the treatment plan to you, you are empowered to actively participate in your mental health journey, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation to achieve lasting well-being.

 Your personalized treatment plan may include: 

  • Medication
  • Specialized lab work (blood work)
  • Nutrients, vitamins, and supplements
  • Individual psychotherapy 
  • Lifestyle changes 
  • Group therapy
  • A combination of these 

As a concierge psychiatrist, I always ensure that you are on board with the treatment plan and feel completely comfortable with it.‍

Concierge Psychiatry, Step III: Follow-up Sessions 🛼

Another crucial aspect of creating a treatment plan is the ongoing support and monitoring it provides. The relationship between patient and psychiatrist is collaborative, allowing for regular follow-up sessions to provide the exact care you need. This dynamic approach ensures that the treatment plan remains responsive to your changing needs, empowering you to navigate the complexities of your mental health with confidence and resilience.

At our concierge practice, follow-ups are integral to your care. These sessions can occur every week, every 2 weeks, or every month and allow us to: 

  1. Closely track your progress
  2. Make necessary modifications to your treatment plan 
  3. Provide ongoing, high-quality therapeutic support

Ultimately, the treatment plan in concierge psychiatry is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a dynamic roadmap for achieving and maintaining your happiest, most fulfilled self.

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Concierge Psychiatry Works 🌟

In summary, concierge psychiatry offers a more personalized and accessible approach to mental healthcare. With more direct access, highly customized treatment plans, and the possibility of longer appointments, this model facilitates more robust mental health care and a deeper understanding of your unique mental health needs.

Investing in your mental health is a significant step towards achieving overall well-being. As your concierge psychiatrist, I'm committed to walking this journey with you. Together, we can navigate the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. It's not just about treating symptoms; it's about embracing your full potential.

If you are interested in exploring concierge psychiatry further, I welcome you to reach out. I'm here to answer any questions you might have and to support you on your mental health journey.

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